My greenhouse


My new greenhouse under construction.

Its size is 4 x 6 m.

Itís ready constructed and the plants are moved in.

Btw, the small thing in the background was my old greenhouse.

View from the door into the new greenhouse.

All boards are self-designed and self-made from profiles and plates of Aluminium. The depth of the boards is 70 cm (27.5 inch) on the 1st floor and 30 cm (12 inch) on the 2nd floor. There are double boards in the center of the greenhouse.

This is the western double board.

Spiny medium-sized Euphorbias are facing to south Ö

Ö and the jungle of Madagascar is facing to north.

The 2nd floor of the central double board Ö

Ö is reserved for much sun requiring plants ...

Ö and some hanging baskets around.

There is space for propagation on the eastern double board.

The northern sideboard ...

... is home of plants around E. mammillaris/ meloformis Ö.

(Close-up, taken in winter)

... Monadeniums, Jatrophas etc Ö

... as well as Indian and American Euphorbias.

There are some alien plants, too.

Larger Euphorbias are placed on the lower southern sideboard. Their pot size is 16 to 24 cm (about 6 to 10 inch).

(Close-up, taken in winter)

Medusas get bright light on the 2nd floor.

Again, there are aliens among the Euphorbias.

Thatís me Ö

Ö where Iím lucky.



There is still a good amount of free space (of which I havenít taken photos) in my greenhouse.

And YES, Iím looking for more plants.




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