Succulent Euphorbias

Updated: 2006-01-06

Frank Vincentz

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The plants

§      Photos and data in alphabetical order

§      The Euphorbia’s key of similarity

§      The natural occurance

§      Checklist: The succulent members of plant family Euphorbiaceae




2360 photos of 502 different species, subspecies, varieties and forms of the genera Euphorbia, Cnidoscolus, Monadenium, Jatropha, Pedilanthus, Phyllanthus and Synadenium.


Data to habitat, growth form, cyathia, cultivation, rarity, pests and diseases etc.




The cultivation

§      Soil, water, feeding, light, heat …

§      Raising from seed

§      Cuttings, rescue of rotting plants




Cultivation advices with 147 more photos.




Data and facts

§      Beware of the poison

§      The cyathia of the Euphorbias

§      Pests and diseases

§      Calendar

§      Articles




§      International Euphorbia Society

§      Alan Butler’s Brookside Nursery

§      Volker Buddensiek’s Euphorbia pages

§      Rikus van Veldhuisen’s und Jaap Keijzer’s U4BA

§      More Links





§      A view into my greenhouse

§      Swapping of plants

§      The ‚Jardin Exotique’ in Monaco and its Euphorbias

§      Impostors

§      This and that



§      Photos contributed by friends

§      Thanks to all who helped

§      This Website on CD